About Creative Educational Products, Inc.

In business as in life you have to have a good plan, an idea of how you want to travel on the road of life. Benjamin Franklin wrote, “If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” In 2006, Kysha Mounia presented an idea to a select group of friends and family, one she believed that with a good plan could change how education could be made less daunting by adding an entertaining component to it, which could lead to better success in the classroom. 

Now, no one can hope to take on the monolith that is our educational system and conquer it in one mighty charge, but Kysha and her sister D'Anna believed that if you started at the foundation and reshaped one stone, one brick or one building block at a time, then all manner of change is possible. The first block they chose to reshape was African American history. 

Over the next few years, concepts were changed more than a few times. Frustration grew which caused some to abandon the project but not these two sisters. They were convinced it was an idea worth seeing through. 

In 2013, Creative Educational Products was officially born, directed by its President Kysha Mounia, and D'Anna Mounia its Chief Operating Officer. Concepts that were once lost in the ether became more focused with unwavering commitments by those who remained. Comprehensive research into the forgotten past of African American history was rediscovered having a profound affect on those who worked on the project. 

African American historian and author Carter G. Woodson, the architect of what is now known as Black History Month was correct in his wanting African American history taught in all schools. Both Kysha and D'Anna are disciples of Woodson's conclusions that African American history is American history; one that can no longer be looked upon as a sub culture, separate and unequal. 

Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” C.E.P would like to prevent the repetition of the uglier parts of our nation's history. With years of letter writing, phone calls looking for donor support, exhaustive research and substantial personal financial undertaking, the once held idea is now the African American history app known as Quiztory. “Unlock the rewards of knowing your history,” is more than a tag line; it is a way of living. It's a belief that we have the ability to change not only our personal circumstances, but of others as well. 

In a country built by small businesses with big ideas, Creative Educational Products. Inc. was created to challenge the status quo through creative change. For C.E.P., Quiztory is just the beginning.