Hey you, yes you - how well do you know your African American history? I say "your" because it's not an African American thing it's an our thing. Ok, let's say you're reading that great mystery novel you heard so much about, you get to the part where the mystery is about to be solved and find that the author left this part blank, leaving you unfulfilled and dissatisfied. You could hazard a guess or a theory on who done it. But that's all it would ever be is a guess, how disappointing. 

The history of this country with all of its bigger than life characters and life altering events are taught pretty much the same way as that mystery novel, incomplete. To understand the entire story you need to know about all the characters and the parts that they played. 

This Day in Quiztory on iHeartRadio seeks to open all minds to the wonders that is African American history, “our” history. Each day on This Day in Quiztory, we unveil a brief historical fact on what took place on this particular date, everything from science, sports, and politics to today's pop culture. 

Some of these events and historical figures you may know, while others may simply astound you. However these moments or figures in time resonate with you, it is our sincere hope they will encourage you to learn more. There's nothing like a well thought out detailed novel with that fantastic ending to spark your own imagination. This Day in Quiztory is the preface to that historical novel that is long overdue. 

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