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Join Atllas as he guides you on your journey through Quiztory.

Quiztory is a free app currently  available on the App Store and Google Play. The trivia game is multiple choice and is played in three rounds. The first round is pop culture, the second round is a mix of pop culture and history, and the third round is primarily history. Atllas will be with you in the first and third rounds to guide you. Just don't let your 7 second clock run out.  Good luck!




The History of Quiztory

Reading, writing and arithmetic are the cornerstones of our educational system and the target of a full on fiscal assault from all levels of government. Often referred to as outdated and crumbling from its own weight, we watch as funds earmarked for education continue to be drastically cut from governmental budgets. We sit back in sad disillusion as more and more kids are dropping out, as are our teachers who have become disenchanted with a reluctant partner.

They say that time waits for no one and as technology grows so must our educational system. Outdated African American history text books that inundate a lot of our schools must be removed to make way for something new, something more responsible and concise.

Educators today have to compete with instagram, twitter and Facebook. With our students having cell phone cameras, events are captured, uploaded and sent around the world in moments. Teachers must be able to grasp and compete for their student’s attention.

Creative Educational Products, Inc.(C.E.P.), founded in 2013, was formed to answer two important questions: What can we do? And what’s next? C.E.P. answered with one word, Quiztory. African American history, an underserved subject in our schools relegated to one month a year is now easily accessible by all. Quiztory presents African American history in the 21st century, from the rich historical past of African Americans to today’s pop culture.

From the very first question Quiztory seeks to capture your attention, a must if our teachers are to succeed. Let Quiztory take you on a journey through African American history as never before. From the names and events you know, to those we hope will leave you awe inspired. Education made fun is not a new concept but we believe Quiztory is history turned up a few notches.

Do we have all the answers on how to fix the problems our educational system faces? No, no one source can. Neither are we here to make a lot of salesmanship promises, but what we do promise is to develop and create educational products that will challenge the status quo attitudes towards the way our children are taught, to be a part of the conversation on how to bring credible results to a system that appears overwhelmed.

Thought provoking, exciting and innovating, we are Creative Educational Products, Inc.